MGM Freight System Co.,Ltd.

To be the leading International Total Logistics Solution Provider.

Enhancing the Customers’ Logistics Efficiency.
“MGM, Yours Logistics Alliance
     With the more than 20 years’ experience in the field of logistics MGM have had, we’re able to serve various customers in full lines of logistics. We have strived to always keep up our service efficiency and quality. The commitment in our mission to enhance the customer’s logistics efficiency is adhered by all MGM team, we do concentrate on the customer’s requirement and match each of our service procedure to satisfy the customer and always encourage exciting our team in reaching into the customer’s mind. Definitely MGM is always beside and support the customer as our slogan “MGM, Yours Logistics Alliance”
     Pleasantly, we’re ready at your service.
     MGM Freight System Co., Ltd. emphasis on our “Product’s Quality (Service’s Quality)” and our “Team’s Quality” with continuous improvement that enable us to assist the customer to enhance their logistics efficiency and definitely to sustain our business growth.
All processes are measurable and tracked for keeping the highest service level.
To identify all staffs and define the company “Vision & Mission”, we use KPI to pave the way to be excellent.
Increase Efficiency
We endeavor to seeking logistics solutions to customer for highly efficiency performance and their satisfaction.
We are working with work instruction and Standard Operation Procedure to ensure that all processes have been agreed with customer and follow customer instruction.
To ensure substantial Service Level, Punctual Delivery and Reliability.
Safety & Environmental
The safety of people, assets and environment is our top priority that we care and bind all our team and even the subcontractor.